Sunday, January 21, 2007

Slow Sunday

Finished up this LO for CW scrapbook club monthly challenge. Dropped it off today at the store. Lots of other entries, hopefully I still win something. Got some nice feedback for this one, from some sites that I post my LOs at. I have a couple more LO contests to work on this week. Hope to get at least one project done.
Looking at lots of galleries lately...lots of talented artists. Seems to be alot of artsy type of scrapbooking going around. I have been wanting to try and use a more "freestyle" style, but have been hesitant. On the other hand, alot of the magazines have been showing "simple" and clean scrapbook styles too. I guess my style is more in the middle??
Anyway, my goal is to make at least one LO a week for myself- not for a challenge or contest, but for myself.
TTFN! Melanie


L. said...

Hi Mel,
Looks like Sienna totally enjoyed the snow! How fun! I would love to look at the other sites that you submit your work to! You can e-mail them to me at Congrats on the win! And I'm sure there are plenty more to come :)

Nat said...

This is such a gorgeous layout - I totally love this! Hey - about your previous post - don't give up!!! I have tried so many things the last months and I can feel with you, because I had those dissapointment getting me and then boom, all of a sudden it works. So try - your work is amazing and you will make it!!! Hugs

Welcome Spring!