Monday, January 29, 2007

Crafty Monday...

Today was a crafty day for me and Sienna. We had to finish her "Me" doll for school. The kinders talked about friends and what is was to be a good "friend". So, each kinder got to bring home a blank "me" doll to decorate, and write a paragraph on how their "me" doll was a good friend.

We found lots of cool stuff to use on Sienna's "Me" doll from the Goodwill outlet store (pay by the pound). We cut up a baby hat to make her dress and shoes. Cut up a string of "pearl" beads to make a necklace. Used yarn and ribbon to make pony tails, and used some sparkley trim to make a crown. And last, but not least, we added the fairy wings. Sienna's "me" doll is playing dress up.

The story that goes with Sienna's me doll is:

This is a doll of Sienna. I dressed her with a purple dress and shoes. She has fairy wings. She loves to share her dress-up clothes with her friends.

I was also busy with my CW DTCall project. Won't talk about it, it's top secret for now. :) But, I wanted to get it finished- which I did, to be able to take photos of it while I had natural light to use. Anyway, one project down, 4 more to go!



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