Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's moving time!

Tomorrow is the day!

We get the keys to our new house!

We are no longer renters, but home owners!

It's been a long summer hunt for the perfect house.

And I think we found it!

I have been so stressed out, that I haven't scrapped ANYTHING since may!

Amazing but true.

Can't wait to get my new scrapbook room set up so I can get scrappin' again!

I have about 10 scrapbook kits sitting in their boxes, waiting to be played with.

Hopefully the move will go smoothly, as we are only moving less that 2 miles away from our current house.

Anyway, sorry for not updating my blog lately. I'm sure once we get moved in, AND Sienna goes back to school, I'll have plenty of time for the blog and scrapping!

BTW~ I am currently NOT designing for any company, so if you like my work, please let me know, I would love to design for you! ;)

Welcome Spring!