Saturday, January 31, 2009

I made it!!!!!

Yea Me!!
I made the Serendipity DT!!

The new Design Team has been announced!


Kit Team:
Stacey McCall
Jennifer Hitchcock
Marcie Knecht
Susan Stringfellow
Victoria Warren-Mears
Melanie Seppeler
Deanna Misner
Elisa Kammerdiener

Review Team:
Ellen Sosnoski
Crystal Brothers
Megan Smith
Christi Wright

Can't wait to work with all of these talented ladies!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can you believe it's already mid- January 2009!
Sienna is back too school, and back to her spunky self, after being away from school for about 4 weeks.

The snow has finally left, as with the rain, hopefully bringing only sunshine for the rest of the spring (I know- wishful thinking for here in Oregon!).

I just sent in my application for the Serendipity Scrapbooks 2009 DT Call.
Wish me luck!

They have the greatest monthly kits, packed with all sorts of scrappy goodness!

Check out there AWESOME site and store here:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow is finally melting....

Here are some pics of Sienna and Dave the day after we came home from Hawaii.
Hawaii was fun, but was in a state of emergency when we got there. A storm was kicking it's island booty and flooding many places out of house and home. Luckily my parents didn't live in those places.
Sienna did enjoy playing in the snow, while it seems those kids who already had it for a week, were kinda tired of it. But, she didn't care that she didn't get any playmates to play with her. But, its snow and we don't get it often, so she played. I did give some food coloring to experiment with in the snow. She had fun making and mixing snow food. Oh and Dave loved the snowball fights!

call to my ATC sistas!

Just wanted to share this ATC

it was made for the Bad Girls Swap.

Open theme no restirctions

Here is a look into mine:

I didn't really have any idea of what I wanted to do. But I did know that I should use some of the stamps that I bought in the last few months.

I also knew I wanted to play with my set of twinkling H2Os, to give my card glitter and shine.

One surprising element turned out great. The black and white pattern paper is actually a paper napkin, that I glued down with embellishment glue stick.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Year is a time for celebration of love, of life, of Friendship.

It's the time to be thankful for wonderful family and friends,

and to bring to their lives as much magic as they bring to ours..

So here's celebrating our Friendship, and its magic to be part of our lives forever.

May all the dreams in your eyes,

all the desires in your heart,

and all the hopes in your life blend together,

to give you the most spectacular New Year ever.

Happy New Year!

Love, Melanie, Dave, & Sienna

Welcome Spring!