Friday, March 9, 2007

Scrapbook Convention exhaustion...

I spent 4 hours shopping at the CK Scrapbook Convention in Portland today! My great friend, Diane and I carpooled, while my WONDERFUL husband watched Sienna and Chloe (Diane's daughter) for us at home. Thanks Dave!
Nothing too exciting to see, I have been keeping pretty current on what's new and out in the stores, so no big surprises.
I did spend ALL the cash I brought with me. There were a few BIG priced items, but it was worth it. I spent $40 on an "Fancy Pants" acrylic stamp set. It has more than a dozen stamps on it and measures 12x12, so I think it was worth the buy. I haven't seen it in stores around here, so I figure I better get one, while I can.
I did get a couple of paper assortment stacks, one from Scenic Route "Laurel" and one from SEI " Morning Meadow". Not many stores in this area have these paper packs, usually they sell them per peice.
I did get a FREE embellishment glue stick, from the pioneer company, just for listening to the guy talk about their new snap in scrapbooks.
I am exhausted...once we cleaned up the mess made by the girls, and Diane and Chloe went home, I crashed on the recliner! I'm sure my feet will pay for it tomorrow.
Anyway, that is my review of the convention. I think I did enough shopping today to last me for the next couple months -well maybe :)
thanks for stopping by!

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diane dahl said...

Kudos to Dave for taking the girls that day so I could enjoy a day with my friend!! We had a very fun day shopping just for us!!

Welcome Spring!