Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I turned 21 years old! :) Not really, but I think this is when people start lying about their age.
No party for me...but I did get a yummy Almond Roca Birthday cake! And some wonderful cards from all my family and friends! :) The best being Sienna's hand drawn card. Gotta love those handmade presents! She is very crafty and artistic like her Mommy.
The gifts will be spent on Friday, when I hit the scrapbook convention in town. Can't wait!! Hoping to find some new stamps, idea books, and of course paper.
My hubby Dave took the pic of me and Sienna, with my cake (oops- you can see my age) ...oh well. I don't really feel 35. :) Except for those darn lines on my forehead. I have great genes though- you should see my Mom- she is one sexy lady!
Well, thanks for all the great b-day wishes!
Until next time...Mel

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L. said...

Hey Mel - You absolutely do NOT look 35!! I thought you were turning 30. Yea for good genes, I'm told I have those too :)
And the cake looked yummy. Glad you had a good day.


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