Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No news is bad news...

I'm bummed! I didn't make the last online DT I tried out for. Thought I had a good chance, but I guess not. I'm not sure what these people are looking for. Now that I tried out for a handful and have been turned down by most, I think that they are looking for the run- of-the-mill LO, easy to duplicate, to make a sketch with. I have been trying to be more creative and artsy, because it makes me feel like I am using my artistic skills- which I am still paying for by the way (student loans). But, if they want linear, simple stuff, I guess I can try again and give them what they want.
It's just frustrating for me, not feeling good physically has been a BIG issue this past year. It is hard to feel like yourself, esp. when you are a stay-at-home-Mom, don't feel good, and can't take care of your family the way they should. But, I am so lucky to have a wonderful, supportive husband who helps out tremendously and understands, and a daughter, who is beginning to understand that her mommy doesn't feel good alot of the time, and needs naps- even if she doesn't.
Anyway, thanks for being at my pity party. I can't stand to look at any scrapbook stuff right now, but I wanted to post my finished LO that I did yesterday. Hopefully I'll be in a better mood in my next post.


L. said...

Hey Mel - Don't let it get you down...your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And don't change your style just because you think it's what someone else might want. Keep doing what you're doing for YOU - and nobody else. Everything happens for a reason (sometimes I have to repeat that to myself numerous times) and great things will come to you when it's your time. I love your blog and look at it every day. Trust me - there are plenty of people out there that would love to have your talent - me being one of them :)
Hang In There!

Tina said...

Don't ever change your style because you think it's what someone else wants!! I can't count on 4 hands how many times I didn't make the team or the contest finals! You just have to enjoy what you are doing, let your self be you, it will all come! Your work is amazing!!

Welcome Spring!