Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yeah, well I know I am kinda late in saying "Happy New Year", but hey, it's only the 17th of January!

I got a good start on the NEW year by cleaning & reorganizing my Craft room. I could see my work table...until I started crafting in there. Now it is again buried, but at least it is covered with a project!

(hopefully tomorrow) I will post a bunch of pics of the BIRTHDAY CARDS I have been working on,
and also my 1st SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT of the year!
The photos are a little old, but I don't scrap in any order.

But what I have for you now are some fun pics,
of our newest addition to our kitty family,
My buddy boo, Max,
aka Maxy, aka Boy! (since he is our only boy cat).
He is also my guard "dog",
who follows me to every room I go to,
makes "er" growly noises, and fetches his favorite toys.
He graciously let me photograph him while he cleaned himself tonight.
Photo tip: Try to figure out your camera's features on "continuous shooting", before you actually try to use it for an action shooting session!
He got tired of the flash and stopped to hide his head from the meanie with the bright thingy!

I think he wanted to take a bite of the camera by the time I stopped!
For a movie like effect, scroll down the pics w/ the side bar scroll!

Hope you had fun looking at those!
One more thing before I go,
I would also like to make an oath to BLOG more &
post more pics here,
And spend LESS time on FB!

And I am going to try to do one photo everyday!

You'll Love them because I am such an AWESOME photographer!

Thanks for stopping by!

HUGS & Aloha,


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