Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Alive!

Amazing but true, after a month of having trouble breathing, I ended up at the ER!
I can't remember much of that week, I was so out of it.
And this all happened during the first week of our move to our new house!

Anyway, I ended up being hospitalized for almost 3 nights.

My diagnoses were : Congetive Heart Failure, High Blood Pressure and Heart rate, elevated liver toxins, Urinary track infection, gallstones, anemia, and jaundice.....right on deaths door step. But of course I didn't see any reason that I had to be there in the hopital and was pretty perturbed about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, my parents, visiting from Hawaii, as well as my brother Matt and his family were busy moving all of our lovely crap from our old house to the new.
Boxes were filled, stored, hid, buried, etc... and know I have no idea where anything is. Especially that ELUSIVE OVERDUE library book that is haunting me!

And since I have been back home, nothing to drastic has changed. I have been given new heart / blood pressure medications, take off some Lupus / Connective tissues medications......and still feel as crappy as ever. And maybe even, if possible more crappy. I have no energy. Walking is a hardthing to do, and those stupid stairs in this house is killing me! I huff and puff like the big bad wolf at the top, until I catch my breath.

I have no idea if we will ever get this house unpacked, or if I will even feel the same healthwise.
But, I do know that I enjoy my new backyard, and my new five fishy Koi friends who are my daily therapy and joy.


Shirley said...

So hope you start feeling better!

TraceyT said...

Oh, Melanie do take care of youself. {{hugs}}

Pinky said...

Oh Melanie we miss you and I hope you feel better soon and get your meds figured out! (((hugs)))

Lucy Edson said...

Hope you start feeling better soon, Melanie! So sorry to read what has been going on with you. :(

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