Sunday, October 7, 2007

October is here!!

Can you beleive it is October???
Leaves changing colors, and filling your yard with leaves! I see a photo OP! :)

It's been a busy few last weeks for me. So, much going on and stressing me out. The big stresser was that my Sienna (6) had to have 2 teeth removed by a dental surgeon. After a big fight, with screaming and yelling, she finally gave in to a liquid valum, some nitris oxide gas, and the anesthesia to put her to sleep. This was not a pretty site and I had to leave the room crying at one point.\
But, everything seems fine right now, she will have to get spacers to fill the gaps, when they heal.

The anoher BIG disaster. My computer, finally died, for good this time. He still holds all my photos, and important documents, and we will get it from him one day and pass it on to this newbie computer~ Who I must say, I am not liking!

My Sienna cannot seem to access her computer games, I cannot access lots of stuff that I was used to ....just very frustrating!

As far as it goes for scrapbooking...I just barely made some DT deadlines this week, being computerless all week. So, I have to do some major catch up this week.
Hope this week gets better!
Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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{monica} said...

Just passing through and wanted to say I love your work! Found you through a blog of a blog of a blog kind of thing. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Welcome Spring!