Monday, April 23, 2007

just another manic monday...

It was a crazy weekend. Didn't feel well, had big plans to go out with Girlfriends on sat. night~ but wasn't well enough to go. My body is not doing what I want it to. I'm still "lupy" or having a lupus flare. I'm tired all the time, which usually means that I have a fever. Dave has been taking Sienna to school in the mornings, so I can go back to sleep. Today, I couldn't get myself out of bed until 11:00. I know I bet you are saying "I wish I could be in bed until 11:00", but you wouldn't want to if you felt like me.

Anyway, I have been scrapping my butt off for 4 different DTs this month. Finished two of them, still need to work on the others. Yesterday and today were the only days I haven't scrapped in the past month. I think that I have met the limit of my creative capabilities. I am looking forward to making some LOs for myself, using everything and everything (DT projects are usually limited to the materials they send you)!

I was thinking of trying out for a couple of other design teams that are having calls, but I think I have enough on my plate, esp. with summer approaching.

Well, anyway, thanks for stopping by.

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Mandi said...

I LOVE this layout! You really need to submit it for publication! It is just so graceful! Great Job!!!


Welcome Spring!